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The event programme sees engaging sessions on hot topics such as how the feed industry can encourage gut health and immune system development, and the optimal nutritional approaches to combat piglet stress post weaning, as well as talks on how to enhance digestion in broiler chicks through the modification of feed form or particle size and through feed additive supplementation. 

Our 2020 key themes are:

Maternal diets and embryonic nutrition
There is growing interest in the interaction of nutrients in fetal programming and development, setting up a lifetime of animal health through nutrition management of pregnant animals.

In swine, industry has been actively trying to understand how to enhance the nutrition of the mother to improve not only the profitability of the sow but also the quality of the litter.

In poultry, researchers are looking at how to set the birds up for success in the egg to help minimize the need for treatment interventions, improve efficiencies and help the industry that way.

Gut health and immunity
The conference will weigh up next generation probiotics, it will assess the link between gut health, ingredient choice and feed form in broilers, along with the role particle size but also other physicochemical characteristics of the digesta have in improving the gut health of piglets. Speakers will also cover the nutritional steering of the gut microbiome without antibiotics in poultry and gut health and immunity, especially innate immunity, in broilers.

Feed Composition
Under this theme, speakers will evaluate the impact of the physical form of feed in young animal rations, along with addressing key considerations such as nutrient balance and ingredient digestibility.

Constraints and opportunities 
We check in with industry on how young animal nutrition product development takes account of societal demands for reduced or antibiotic-free production, the pending ban on zinc oxide and the limits imposed on copper in piglet diets in the EU, along with the increasing number of legal and other requirements in terms of the environment and animal health and welfare farmers are subject to.

Farm management: Housing, feeding technology and how they support young animal nutrition
We will hear about research into sow and piglet housing, and how innovation in that space can positively impact piglet development.
We will also hear about the rearing conditions need to optimize feeding for broiler chicks.

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